New ways to tame Cyber Threats!

New ways to tame Cyber Threats!

The cyber world is constantly evolving with cyberthreats and attacks getting more sophisticated each day.

I got a call from a friend who was working on a project, only to discover a few hours to the submission that the entire project file has been compromised. The situation was better imagined than explained, after carefully listening to my friend’s side of the story as to what went wrong and all the research effort put into the project and how the boss was waiting for final review and approval only to be denied access to the entire file. I suspected a malware attack but my friend quickly dismissed it as their antivirus was licensed and updated as well as multiple scans were performed with no threats found. I decided to inquire further and discovered they were using traditional antivirus software on their systems. I proposed to set up a trial of our top best solution – Adaptive Defense 360 for them to perform scans and fix their system. On setting up the solution, scans were performed and just three fixes were found and the project file’s integrity was restored, accessed, and presented successfully. My friend was happy and quickly ordered a license version.

What makes Adaptive Defense 360 unique,

  • It sees what others can’t see by detecting malicious processes that have by-passed preventive measures by other solutions.
  • It goes beyond signatures, it blocks the execution of threats, zero-day malware, fileless / malwareless attacks, ransomware, and phishing.
  • It detects and blocks malicious in-memory activity (called Exploits) before it can cause damage.
  • It detects and blocks hacking techniques, tactics, and procedures.
  • It reduces response and investigative time by providing forensic information for the thorough investigation of each attack attempt, and tools to mitigate its effects (disinfection).
  • It is accessible from a single web console.
  • It integrates Cloud Protection and Management Platforms (Aether), which maximizes prevention, detection, and automated response, minimizing the effort required.

Watch a brief introduction to Panda’s Adaptive Defense 360

Hear our reason for recommending Adaptive Defense 360

Here is a new way to tame cyberthreats. For peace of mind, you can request for a FREE trial here

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